Linda Jarvis lost 12.7kg (2st) following the Low Carb Program

When Linda Jarvis was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 10 years ago she was told that she needed to eat carbs with every meal.

“I was put on Glipizide, I began putting on a lot of weight. I hadn’t changed my diet but the medication was making me gain weight and I was feeling down about it. “

When Linda came across the Low Carb Program in August 2016 she immediately signed up. Over the next 18 months she lost 12.7kg (2st).

“My blood glucose levels are continually decreasing and I am sustaining my weight loss. The doctors are now letting me have the more expensive tablets, I don’t get hypo, and I sleep much better and have so much energy!”

Linda began to be more organised around meal preparation and found the app to be great for quick, on-the-go recipes.

“I’ve always enjoyed cooking and I have found that I can still make all my old favourites but tweak them so they fit in with my low-carb lifestyle”

Linda is supported by her husband, who has also seen results from cutting the carbs. You can join Linda on the Low Carb Program here.