“In 6 months, my waist dropped from 38 to 32 inches”

After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Stephen was placed on insulin after his HbA1c rose to 80 mmol/mol (9.5%).

“[My specialist] was increasing my doses which then made my weight increase, but my blood sugars weren’t going anywhere, I was taking 30 units per day”

A conversation with his neighbours at his diabetes clinic led Stephen Lewis to learn about the Diabetes.co.uk website, it was from there that he started to learn about low carb and found the Low Carb Program.

“It was easy, when I was cutting my carbs I was able to see how it was affecting my blood sugars, I’ve been able to come off insulin completely”

Stephen also lost weight, in 6 months his waist size had dropped from 38 to 32 inches.

“I now weigh around 73.5kg (11st 8 lbs), I’m the same weight I was when I was 18! I feel great. Mainly, my advice for someone is to get on the Low Carb Program”


Stephen is one of our Low Carb Champions, you can ask him a question when you join the Low Carb Program.

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