After cancelling bariatric surgery, Debra Arck lost 92kg (14 ½ st) on the Low Carb Program

After struggling to lose weight and spending time in hospital with a heart problem, Debra Arck decided that enough was enough. She’d previously been scheduled to have bariatric surgery but cancelled last minute after realising that surgery was not the answer. She decided instead to change her lifestyle and her relationship with food.

Through the Low Carb Program, Debra has managed to lose an incredible 92kg (14 ½ st) and no longer struggles with joint pain.

“I was shocked at how I didn’t feel hungry. Not just the physical hunger but I found that my cravings also reduced. I had a choice and I found that I was choosing not to eat the high carb foods that I once wanted.”

“Realise that everyone is on their own journey and not to compare your progress to someone else’s. Everyone experiences the same struggles and you should be proud of your progress whether you’ve lost 5 pounds or 5 stone.”

Debra is one of our Low Carb Champions, you can find Debra on the Low Carb Program here.

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