Alan reduced his HbA1c from 90 to 36 mmol/mol

Despite being prescribed metformin, Alan Stanley still struggled to control his blood sugar levels. Since adopting a low carb lifestyle he’s not only come off metformin, but he’s also reduced his blood sugar levels from 90 mmol/mol (10.4%) to 36 mmol/mol (5.4%).

What made you decide to join the Low Carb Program?

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes some time ago, I’d been feeling a bit rough and I actually thought I had cancer to start with. I was prescribed metformin and whilst my blood sugar did reduce, it still wasn’t within normal range so I really wanted to come off it. I actually started low carb about a month before I joined the Program, there’s been an interest in the diet and reversing type 2 at Bournemouth University and some doctors in that area have been keen as well.

What results have you seen from using the Low Carb Program?

Before I started my HbA1c reading was 90 mmol/mol (10.4%), this was March 2015, it then went down to 50 (6.7%) in October 2016 and 36 (5.4%) in October 2017, it’s remained that number since. I’ve completely come off my medication (I was on 2000mg metformin a day) and I’ve gone from 133kg (21st) to just under 101kg (16st). My blood pressure has also gone down from 150/90 mmHg to 120/80 mmHg. My cholesterol test also showed that whilst my overall cholesterol remained high, my triglyceride levels had reduced, and my levels of HDL were high.

What have you learnt from the Program, did anything surprise you?

I think I was surprised at how effective it was, the weight just fell off.

What advice would you give to someone just starting the Low Carb Program?

Just throw yourself into it, don’t go for half measures, especially if you struggle with cravings – get into it completely.

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