Alberto’s low carb lifestyle has helped him to lose 21 lbs (9.4 kg)

When Alberto Laidlaw was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes he tried to manage his blood sugar levels through diet and exercise. Over the years these levels crept up until he was eventually prescribed metformin.

“I used to eat an awful lots of carbs – my typical lunch would be soup and 2 or 3 chunky slices of bread and when I got home from work I’d usually snack on toast. I also used to enjoy a couple of ice creams a week as a guilty pleasure!”

Alberto decided that he wanted to take back control and found the Low Carb Program through conducting his own research.

“I previously followed the NHS dietary advice of eating whole foods and lots of fruit, so I’d eat lots of bananas and grapes. I was also having porridge with honey and banana for breakfast – now I have bacon, tomato, mushroom and avocado!”

Alberto has seen his HbA1c drop from 68 mmol/mol (8.4%) to 49 (6.6%) and he’s also lost an impressive 21 lbs (9.4 kg).

“I thought I’d been doing well the last 15 years until I learnt about the low carb lifestyle.”

If you’d like to learn more about how low carb can benefit you, you can join the Low Carb Program here.