Angela lost 12.7kg switching from low fat to low carb

Angela discovered the Low Carb Program after researching online alternatives to the typical Western diet.

“[I was following] the standard low fat diet. I loved eating jacket potatoes with baked beans and used to take my own pasta into work for lunch. I’d always been told that my diet was healthy, but then I realised that for someone with diabetes it wasn’t.”

Angela switched to a low carb lifestyle, basing her meals on meat and eggs and eating nuts as a snack. She saw her HbA1c reduce to normal range and she lost 12.7kg (2st).

“I was also suffering with retinopathy before and had previously had two cataract operations, I’ve found I don’t have as many problems with my eyes since I’ve started (low carb).

What advice would I give to someone starting the program? Educate yourself on the diet and think about what you’d like to achieve by following it. Make the most of all the low carb recipes you can find online. Plan your meals and have a look at what’s easy to make or keep in the fridge. Finally, don’t be hard on yourself if you slip up, it happens to everyone.”

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