Diabetes Awareness Month: be inspired by our Low Carb Champions

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and on the 14th November it’s World Diabetes Day, which is why we are here to celebrate how the Low Carb Program has changed people’s lives.

Raising awareness about how people might feel, their experience and how type 2 diabetes might affect their life is important. If you have type 2 diabetes yourself or know someone that has type 2 diabetes, explore our member’s inspiring stories and you too could become the next Low Carb Champion when you sign up to the Low Carb Program.

Not only are we celebrating our members this month, but we are also offering 50% off all annual subscriptions throughout November – join here today and you too could be the next Low Carb Champion.

John put his type 2 diabetes into remission and has never felt better

“A simple change in my eating habits was followed by an amazing improvement in my health. I feel much better now than I did 5 years ago. I put my type 2 diabetes in remission three years ago and stopped taking diabetes and blood pressure medication.”

Annabel reduced her HbA1c from 14% to 5.9%

“Over the first 18 months after diagnosis, I lost about 25.4kg (4 stone). I’d lost a stone before I was diagnosed and I had actually been showing symptoms of type 1 diabetes before I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. After starting I’d lost an additional 19kg (3 stone). My hbA1c has reduced from 130 mmol/mol (14%) to 41 mmol/mol (5.9%), I’m still taking metformin, having halved my medication within 6 months or so on the low carb diet.  Luckily, I was put on the slow release type so never experienced any side effects.”

Dan lost 50kg, came off metformin and put his type 2 into remission

Dan shares “I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in April 2014: My blood glucose was 23 mmol/mol, I weighed 124kg with a blood pressure of 180/130 mmHg. In 9 months of reducing carbs and being on 2000mg of metformin per day; my blood glucose levels fell to around 13 mmol/mol, my blood pressure was down to well within range, but most dramatic was the weight loss of 48kg. My doctor agreed that I could stop taking metformin too.”

Jenny lost an incredible 19kg (3st) on the Low Carb Program

“After I spent the first day after being diagnosed wallowing in self-pity I’ve lost 19kg (3st) overall, which is a lot – I’m only 5’1. My blood sugar levels are in remission. I feel awake, I’m no longer getting a dip in the afternoon, and my energy levels are more stable.”

Retired family GP, Bernard goes low carb and put his prediabetes into remission

With the help of the Low Carb Program, Bernard has lost 12kg and has completely put his prediabetes into remission. The program has become part of his life and he is delighted that his HbA1c and blood sugar levels are now within normal range. On top of that, his blood pressure has also normalised dropping from 140/85 mmHg to 120/70 mmHg.

Kate lost 3 stone and came off metformin

“I was very strict and stuck to the diet rigidly, I cooked everything myself. I’ve lost 3 stone and my blood sugars have been stable. I used to have HbA1c readings of around 48 or 50 mmol/mol (6.5-6.7%) but they’ve gone down to 37 (5.5%). I was also on one tablet of metformin but now I don’t take any.”

Mark put his type 2 diabetes into remission with low carb

“My energy levels are incredible – I don’t feel the need to have a mid-afternoon nap anymore! Over the 8 weeks I also lost a stone and a half, coming down from 13 stone 13 to 12 stone 5. My HbA1c had gone down to 42 mmol/mol (5%) within a month of making the changes and remained stable every time I had it checked. I was amazed at how quickly I’d seen results. Over time my fasting blood sugars improved as well. They were in excess of 10 mmol/L when I was diagnosed and I’ve managed to come off my medication. It’s really motivating to see the results.”

Retired nurse Rachel lost 6 stone on the Low Carb Program

When Rachel was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes she was offered bariatric surgery to help her lose weight. Instead, she decided to change her diet and has lost an impressive 6 stone on the Low Carb Program, reducing her HbA1c from 70mmol/mol to 36mmol/mol.

“Altogether I’ve lost about six stone, before I started the Program I was 18 stone and now I’m around 12 stone. My HbA1c was 70mmol/mol last year and within two months that went down to 45mmol/mol and then in a further two months, 36 mmol/mol.”

David lowered his HbA1c from 90 mmol/mol (10.4%) to 31 (5.0%)

After being admitted to hospital for suspected diabetic ketoacidosis, David knew he had to gain control over his blood glucose levels. Since joining the Low Carb Program he’s not only lost 3 ½ stone but he’s also reduced his HbA1c from 90 mmol/mol (10.4%) to 31 (5%), which is well below even the prediabetes threshold.

“I’ve gone down from 114kg (18 stone) to 91/92kg (14 ½ stone), which is a good weight for my height – I’m 6’2. I’ve now come off insulin and gliclazide so I’ve reduced my medication dosage. I try not to eat over 100g of carbs a day. When I was first diagnosed my HbA1c was 90 mmol/mol (10.4%) and now they’re 31 (5%). My average blood glucose reading is 5.9 mmol/L.”

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