“My blood sugars are no longer in the prediabetes range”

For Ike, it was the shock of finding out he had prediabetes that led him to research ways he could prevent progression towards developing type 2.

“I started looking online and that’s when I came across the Diabetes Digital Media website and became interested in low carb. I’d been on a low calorie, low fat diet for the previous 3 years and was averaging around 1200-1300 kcal a day, but despite this my weight had increased.”

Ike decided to make the switch to low carb, shifting the focus to keep his carbs low instead of his calories, making low carb swaps such as riced vegetables instead of white rice.

“My weight plummeted, I lost 10kg (1st 8 lbs) in around 2 months and my blood sugars were no longer in the prediabetes range.

As soon as the carbs went down, my weight went down, my blood pressure reduced to normal – it’s around 128/75 on average now.”

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