Dan Feehely lost 48kg (7st 8lbs) on the Low Carb Program

When Dan Feehely was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes his doctor immediately prescribed him metformin.

“My blood glucose was 23 mmol/L, I weighed 124kg (19st 7 lbs) with a blood pressure of 180/130.”

Dan spent a lot of time collecting information online including from the Diabetes.co.uk website where he came across the Low Carb Program.

“The website has re-educated me. People’s experiences, honestly reported, are very reassuring.”

Dan didn’t find it difficult to make the changes and soon got the hang of the low carb lifestyle.

“In 9 months of reducing carbs and being on 2000mg of metformin per day; my blood glucose levels fell to around 13, my blood pressure was down to well within range, but most dramatic was the weight loss of 48kg (7st 8 lbs).”

You can join Dan on the Low Carb Program here.