David Cooper no longer has to take insulin

David Cooper had a family history of diabetes, so knew he was at risk, having witnessed his dad pass away from complications 18 years ago.

It wasn’t until he was rushed to hospital with suspected diabetic ketoacidosis that David knew he had to gain control over his blood sugars.

“I think because of the shock I’d had I knew I had to do something. Afterwards I went home and did my own research, that’s when I came across the Diabetes.co.uk website and from there the Low Carb Program.”

David swapped sausage rolls for salads and made his own low carb meals using spiralised courgette instead of pasta.

“There’s one recipe with sausages and lentils that my son enjoyed so much – he asked me for the recipe!”

Since joining the Low Carb Program, David has managed to lower his HbA1c from 90 mmol/mol (10.4%) to 31 mmol/mol (5%). He’s also lost 23kg (3st 9 lbs) and no longer takes insulin.

If like David, you’d like to take control over your blood sugar levels with a low carb lifestyle, you can join the Low Carb Program here.