David lost 22.2kg (3st 7 lbs) and discovered a love for running races

When David Birch was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2010, he thought that as long as he took his prescribed medication he wouldn’t need to change his diet.

“I thought as long as I take my medication I can still do everything I want to do such as eating what I want and drinking. But I was going for checkups and something just wasn’t working.”

David decided to try low carb after hearing a talk from cardiologist Dr. Scott Murray at his local fitness group.

“He wasn’t talking about diabetes but was focusing on the benefits of cutting back on sugar – I related to it and it inspired me to try out a low carb diet. I didn’t really change my exercise much and I was amazed by the results.”

David has managed to lose 22.2kg (3st 7 lbs) and is now working to come off his medication completely. He’s also discovered a love for running races and now regularly takes part in Parkrun.

“Just give it a go! Have a look on the internet, follow groups on social media and just see what’s out there. Some people don’t think they have the time but there’s always time. You’d be surprised just how many groups there are and what information there is.”

If, like David, you’re looking to take back control you can find out more about low carb through joining the Low Carb Program here.