Diana Milner-Walker no longer struggles with binge eating

Before joining the Low Carb Program, Diana Milner-Walker had struggled with yoyo-dieting, binge eating and a sugar addiction. Having been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 42 years ago, the only dietary advice Diana received was that she needed to eat a high carb diet to balance her insulin dosage.

Over the years, she had struggled to gain good control over her blood sugar levels and was experiencing food cravings daily.

“They used to be with me 24/7 and never a day went by when I wasn’t obsessed with what I was going to eat next.”

It wasn’t until a friend told her about low carb that she decided to join the Low Carb Program. Within the first few weeks her cravings disappeared, she had more energy and her blood sugars became more stable.

She has managed to lose just over 19kg (3st) in 9 months and has reduced the amount of insulin she needs by half.

“I really enjoy the low carb way of eating and it’s become a way of life. I wish I’d discovered this sooner!”

You can join Diana on the Low Carb Program here.