For Ann, the Low Carb Program was a wake up call

When the results from Ann Holloway’s annual review revealed that she had prediabetes, her nurse recommended that she looked at the website. It was from there that she found the Low Carb Program.

“Diabetes is in my family and I told myself that I was not going to allow myself to get diabetic. My sister had diabetes and I’m sure that my mother also did, so I knew I was at risk. I really don’t want to go on medication, so this seemed like the best way to reduce my risk.”

Through making the change to low carb, Ann completely changed her eating habits and has lost just over 6.4kg (1st).

“I felt so sluggish and fatigued beforehand but now I have lots of energy. I had reached 82 years old and I was putting it down to just being old. That’s not to say I don’t struggle from time to time but I was impressed that in three months from starting I’d managed to improve my blood sugar results.

“Certainly go on the website and try it out, see how you get on with it – it was definitely a wake-up call for me.”

Ann is one of our Low Carb Champions, you can join her on the Low Carb Program.

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