Get motivated for the New Year with advice from our Low Carb Champions

Looking for some motivation to kickstart your health goals for the New Year? Why not read the stories and take the advice of some of our Low Carb Champions who have seen some fantastic results this year through going low carb?

Debra Arck

Debra’s journey on low carb started two years ago. At 171kg (27st) Debra had originally been scheduled to have bariatric surgery, but cancelled last minute after realising that instead, she needed to change her relationship with food. Since going low carb, she’s lost an impressive 92kg (14st 7 lbs) and now weighs 82.6kg (13st).

“Realise that everyone is on their own journey and not to compare your progress to someone else’s. Everyone experiences struggles and you should be proud of your progress whether you’ve lost 5 pounds or 5 stone”

John Nevans

Before John decided to go low carb, he weighed in at 146kg (23st). Since cutting the carbs he’s realised just how often he ate out of habit and now no longer feels hungry. He’s also lost an impressive 57.2kg (9st).

“Be prepared and just do it and consider getting a mentor to support you. It can be tough, especially the psychological issues around food. I didn’t have a mentor when I first started but it would have helped to have someone who could empathise with my journey.”

Rachel Griffin

For retired nurse Rachel, a type 2 diabetes diagnosis came as a complete shock. Like Debra, Rachel had also been offered bariatric surgery to lose weight but instead decided to try and lose weight on her own. Since finding out about low carb, she’s lost an incredible 38.1kg (6st).

“Join a forum such as the forum, they can offer support and motivation. I post everyday on what I’ve eaten that day and it’s interesting to see what other people eat. Or you can post on the discussion on the Low Carb Program.”


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