“Give it a try and feel the benefits for yourself”

When Eddie Condren was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 4 ½ years ago he was told that he needed to eat a low-fat diet with 60-80g of carbs per meal.

“I tried to crack on with it, but I was still having spikes and drops in my blood sugars and was trying to manage them through a high amount of carbs and insulin”

Eddie’s breakthrough moment came when he heard a talk by a doctor discussing the benefits of going low carb. From this, he decided to cut out refined carbs and opt for a ‘real food’ approach.

“My HbA1c was 95 mmol/mol (10.8%) when I was diagnosed in 2014, 3 months later after starting the diet it went down to 54 mmol/mol (7.1%) then in September 2014 it went down to 34 mmol/mol (5.3%)”

Eddie also found his mindset around food changed and he was surprised at how much more energy he had.

“With the use of CGMs now we can see how safe a low carb approach can be for people with type 1. For most it will result in much more stable blood sugars, with less insulin and therefore less hypos. Give it a try and feel the benefits for yourself”

If you’d like to see how low carb can benefit your health, you can join the Low Carb Program.