Stephanie Bending – “Go for it, what have you got to lose?”

Stephanie Bending was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after a routine blood test. The diagnosis left her feeling shocked and afraid, since she knew someone who had lost both their legs after experiencing complications.

After being diagnosed, Stephanie didn’t receive much dietary advice and was told that she already had a healthy diet. However, Stephanie knew that if she continued what she was eating, a diet including foods such as pasta and bread, that she was going to be at risk of complications.

So, she decided to do her own research and that’s when she discovered and the Low Carb Program. Stephanie now enjoys a diet made up of meals such as Greek yoghurt with berries, steak and avocado salad and fish with grilled vegetables. She’s managed to lose an incredible 13.6kg (2st 2 lbs) and has reduced her HbA1c from 57 mmol/mol (7.4%) to 45 mmol/mol (6.3%).

Not only that, but she has also recently qualified as a registered fitness instructor!

“Go for it, what have you got to lose? Apart from what’s hanging around your waist! Give it a try, especially if you’re at risk of type 2 diabetes.”

You can join Stephanie on the Low Carb Program here.