Going low carb helped Stuart to come off his medication

Not wanting to manage his type 2 diabetes with medication, Stuart Fearnley began attending low carb support groups run by a GP at his local doctors’ practice.

“I thought I’d go along and try it out as wanted to try and manage my (type 2) diabetes through diet, I didn’t want to take medication. I came across the Low Carb Program a little while after through the diabetes.co.uk website.”

Never having much of a sweet tooth, Stuart found it easy to cut out sweet foods and sugary fruit.

“I love to experiment with recipes and there’s plenty of variation. Eating out was a bit tricky to start with but most places are accommodating so will swap potatoes or bread for a salad if you ask.”

After only 4 months of switching to low carb, Stuart saw his HbA1c reduce from 116 mmol/mol (12.8%) to 39 (5.7%) and he was able to come off his medication.

“I’m 5’11 and when I was diagnosed I was about 87.5kg (13st 11lbs). My weight dropped down to 70kg (11st) and my waist line had reduced from 36 to 32 inches. I no longer get spikes in my blood sugars and I’ve come off all my metformin.”

If you’d like to learn more about the low carb lifestyle, you can join our Low Carb Program here.