“Going low carb has improved my quality of life”

Before joining the Low Carb Program, Rosemary Andrew was aware of the low carb approach and felt that it went against the standard advice. However, she feels that taking part has been a learning curve and she’s enjoyed the experience.

“I was doing a ‘living foods’ diet before, this is when you don’t cook foods but eat a lot of raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. I prefer the low carb diet as it’s much easier but the concepts mesh together well.”

Rosemary has seen her blood glucose levels halve after meal times and has also significantly reduced her Gliclazide dosage.

“I feel more clear-headed and healthier – it’s improved my quality of life.”

What surprised Rosemary the most about the program is how stable her blood glucose levels have been, she also no longer experiences carb cravings.

“My son has been following the tips on the Low Carb Program and taking it all on board, he’s lost 2 stone already, eating lots more avocados and greens like spinach.

I wanted to lose weight and am doing so, so it’s easy to stay motivated”

Rosemary is one of our Low Carb Champions, you can join her on the Low Carb Program.

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