“I’m hopeful now that I’ll never have to go on insulin”

When Tracy Boyall was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, she was told she could eat wholegrain foods such as pasta and wholemeal bread.

“The only dietary advice she told me was to cut out sugar. It confused me why she didn’t advise me to cut out all carbs as they are all broken down into sugar.”

Tracy decided to research about type 2 diabetes and came across the Diabetes.co.uk website where she then learned about the low carb approach. With the help of the Low Carb Program meal plans, Tracy’s seen some fantastic improvements in her health.

“I used to have high blood pressure, but since February it’s now normal. Despite this I still received a letter from my doctor telling me he was upping my medication. It was delivered to the pharmacy, but I refused it, I thought ‘why do I have to take medication if I don’t need to?’

Additionally, Tracy has also lost 13kg (2st) and her HbA1c is no longer in the diabetic range.

“I want to keep off medication and cure my diabetes. It’s for my health, I want to keep my blood sugars normal… I’m hopeful now that I’ll never have to go on insulin.”


You can learn more about how low carb can benefit your health when you join the Low Carb Program.

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