How to ditch yo-yo dieting and lose weight for good

Have you ever achieved a weight loss goal only to regain the weight not long after? Weight cycling or ‘yo-yo dieting’ is a term that describes repeatedly losing and regaining the same amount of body weight over and over again [1]. It can be frustrating and disheartening if we’re not seeing sustainable results and it can make us feel like we’re stuck in a vicious cycle.

We share some top tips for how you can break out of the yo-yo cycle and ensure your results are sustainable.

How can I ditch yo-yo dieting?

Focus on carbs not calories

As we explained earlier, focusing on eating a low-calorie diet will only leave us hungry and make it harder for us to lose weight. By focusing on carbs instead of calories, research has shown that it can even increase our BMR making weight loss more sustainable [2]. Many members have also reported feeling less hungry since adopting a low carb lifestyle.

Address your relationship with food

What are your coping mechanisms for dealing with stressful life events? It’s common to use food as a way to feel better, but this can trigger the vicious yo-yo cycle, outdoing our hard work and progress. If you’re viewing food as a comfort instead of a fuel, it might be worth considering if you’re showing signs of sugar or food addiction and looking at how you can combat this to maintain your results.

Ensure you’re eating enough fat to feel satiated

Feeling hungry in-between meals can increase the desire to snack and we might be tempted to overeat. Therefore, including enough fat in your meals can help you to stay full and reduce the risk of going off track.

 Look at low carb as a lifestyle not a diet

Short-term changes result in short-term benefits, if we’re starting low carb with the view that once we achieve results, we’ll resume our old way of eating then it’s likely we won’t see sustainable health benefits.

Plan ahead

Social events and a lack of low carb friendly options are just a few reasons as to why we might slip up and planning ahead is just one way to ensure you stay on track.

If you want to give up yo-yo dieting, why not try the Low Carb Program and see what results you can achieve?


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