“I knew I had little to lose and a lot to gain”

David Plant was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2009.

“I ignored it for a long time, until my wake-up call in a recent 6-monthly check up. My HbA1c and triglyceride results had markedly deteriorated and after checking my weight I was horrified!”

David started to research options to manage his diabetes through the Diabetes.co.uk website and came across the Low Carb Program. He knew he had little to lose and a lot to gain.

“The advice I originally received was to follow NHS advice and stay off fatty foods especially butter, full fat milk and animal fats. I was told not to bother with testing as it would only make me paranoid.”

David now sticks to between 100-120g of carbs per day and has been impressed with the results he’s seen so far.

“In 6 months I’ve lost 16.7kg (2st 9 lbs), taking me from a BMI of 28 into a ‘normal’ range of 22.3. My fasting blood glucose levels have lowered from the upper 7s at the beginning of December to between the lower 4s and lower 5s. I feel much better now; I’m nowhere near as tired or hungry as I was before and have much more energy.”

If like David, you’re looking to take control of your type 2 diabetes you can join the Low Carb Program here.