“I’ve lost around 25.4kg in total, I can’t believe it”

A health check at the doctor’s revealed that Dave Daffin had prediabetes and he was booked an appointment to see the diabetic nurse.

“I went for the appointment after I got back from holiday, the nurse weighed me and took my blood sugars again. Then she gave me a leaflet for Diabetes Digital Media and it was through that that I found the Low Carb Program. I looked up all the information and decided I’d try it.”

Being used to a high carb diet, it took Dave a few days to adjust to the changes but, once he got the hang of things, it became a lot easier and he was surprised at all the foods he could eat.

“The weight came off quite quickly and I lost about 1.4kg (3 lbs) in the first week. I’ve lost around 25.4kg (4st) in total, I can’t believe it, I’ve gone from a 42-44 inch waist to a 32.”

I think really the motivation was that I didn’t want to get type 2 diabetes and I wanted to stay healthy. I can’t believe how fit I’ve become.”

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