Jean Amison – “The Low Carb Program has turned my life around”

Jean Amison was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after going for a blood test for some boils on her neck. She had originally wanted to manage it through diet and exercise but her GP had insisted she took metformin. The only dietary advice she received was to follow the ‘Eatwell plate.’

“I was following what I thought was a healthy diet, eating jacket potatoes and pasta for example, but I wasn’t losing weight and I was struggling to control my blood sugars.”

Jean found the Low Carb Program through the website.

“it made a lot of sense, especially when I learned to avoid vegetables grown underground such as parsnips. The Program has definitely motivated me to try new recipes”

Jean has managed to lose over 12.7kg (2st) and has come off nearly all her diabetes medication. She also reduced her HbA1c from 50 mmol/mol (6.7%) to 41 mmol/mol (5.9%).

“Grasp it with both hands, it’s turned my life around”

If like Jean you’d like to gain control over your blood sugars you can join the Low Carb Program here.