John Davis lost 13.6kg (2st 2 lbs) on the Low Carb Program

For John Davis, being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes came completely out of the blue, having experienced none of the obvious signs or symptoms.

“After my diagnosis I felt scared initially. So, I did my own online research and looked at the NHS website. The information I read was that diabetes was irreversible and chronic and that I’d eventually have complications.”

John then came across and from there the Low Carb Program, so decided to give it a go. Initially, he found it difficult to cut out high carb foods such as potatoes, pasta and rice. But then he learned that he could substitute these with lower carb alternatives such as cauliflower rice and celeriac chips.

In the past year John’s HbA1c has dropped from 57 mmol/mol (7.4%) to 40 mmol/mol (5.8%) and he’s lost an impressive 13.6kg (2st 2 lbs).

“What’s the alternative? Going on medication? It’s a losing battle, my blood sugars will become higher and higher and I’ll start to develop complications. That’s more than enough motivation for me to stick to low carb.”

You can join John on the Low Carb Program here.