Kick-start a new way of eating with our 7-day low carb challenge

This year why not set yourself the goal of kick-starting a new way of eating and take our new 7-day low carb challenge?

Here’s what’s included:

10 Top tips for getting started

The initial few days of going low carb can seem a little overwhelming. These tips will provide you with a guide to how you can start your new low carb way of living. They cover areas such as setting your goals, tracking your progress, creating delicious recipes and taking steps to optimise your health.

An understanding of the basics of low carb

You’ll learn about what happens when we eat carbohydrates and the impact this can have on the body. We’ll also show you a method for measuring your health and risk of disease and how you can monitor your progress on your low carb journey.  

Your own 7-day low carb shopping list

When first embarking on a low carb lifestyle, knowing what to eat can be a bit of a minefield. To take out some of the guess work, we’ve included a low carb shopping list to guide you on your journey. This can be tailored to your own individual tastes and preferences and is suitable for any budget.  

A week of delicious low carb recipes

The 7-day challenge also includes a week of low carb recipes which you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We’ve also provided you with a list of some low carb snack suggestions.

Helpful tips

Alongside adopting a low carb way of living, you might want to consider what other lifestyle changes you can make over the week. Included are some helpful tips for staying hydrated, improving your sleep and increasing your physical activity levels.  

Resources to help

Keep track of your hunger over the course of the week by using the hunger diary and fill out the gratitute journal to monitor your mental wellbeing.

Low carb swaps

Continue to enjoy your favourite meals by swapping high carb foods for our list of lower carb alternatives.

You can download your free 7-day low carb challenge when you join the Low Carb Program.

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