Retired family GP loses 12kg (1st 12 lbs) through the Low Carb Program

Bernard Olsburgh is a retired family GP who used to run diabetes clinics in his practice. Bernard’s interest in diabetes began when his daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 7 years old.

After Bernard was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and high blood pressure he decided to join the Low Carb Program which has helped to dispel some of the misconceptions he held around carbohydrates and fats.

Bernard has lost an incredible 12kg (1st 12 lbs) through the Low Carb Program and has reversed his pre-diabetes. His HbA1c and blood sugar levels are now within normal range and his blood pressure has normalised.

Bernard now eats a diet he loves and says he’s the healthiest he’s ever been! You can join Bernard on the Low Carb Program here.