Setting goals for the New Year

As the new year begins, many people start to think about what resolutions they would like to make and what they would like to achieve over the next year.

Goal setting is a great way to help you to stay motivated and achieving those small goals along the way can increase your self-confidence.

To get started, we’ve put together some tips which you might want to follow when deciding what you would like to achieve over the next year.

Step 1: Looking at the long-term vision

The first step in goal setting could be to imagine where you would like to be one year from now. It’s important to set goals that you would like to achieve and not ones that your family, friends or employers might want.

You might find it helpful to separate your ideas into categories such as personal, health and career goals. An example could be that you would like to have lost weight by the end of the year or gained control over your blood glucose levels.

Step 2: Setting smaller, achievable goals

Once you have decided on your long-term goals, you could now look into how you can break these down into smaller goals that you can accomplish in the near-future. These short-term goals need to be realistic and ones that you know you can achieve.

An example could be to set yourself a smaller weight loss goal for each month, or preparing your own lunch for work instead of buying one.

You might find it helpful to place these goals in order of priority, this will help to prevent you from feeling too overwhelmed.

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