Stephen reduced his HbA1c from 86 mmol/mol (10%) to 42 (6%)

When Stephen Thompson was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes it was the worry of possible complications that led him to search for ways to reduce his risk. His search led him to the website where he learned about the benefits of going low carb.

“It gave me an enormous amount of information around the debates concerning low carb eating and the belief that by following low carb eating you can actually reduce your risk significantly of long-term complications or even put your diabetes into remission. I signed up to the website and continued reading and frankly changed my diet overnight.”

Overnight Stephen had made the changes to low carb and had cut out bread, rice, potatoes and all sweets. He’s managed to lose 15.9kg (2st 7lbs) and has reduced his HbA1c from 86 mmol/mol (10%) to 42 (6%).

“The main lesson overall was (that) low carb can dramatically change your health. It can also be good quality and tasty.”

You can join Stephen on the Low Carb Program here.

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