Ted Ennis now has a much healthier outlook on life

Ted Ennis admits that he grew up on a diet of potatoes and baked beans and was eventually diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 7 years ago.

“I was tempted by carbs, especially white bread. Every night I would test my blood sugars and they would be through the roof. Not only that, i’d also get terrible stomach aches as a result of the bread.  I realised I had to make a change or things would get worse, so started looking into low carb.”

One year on, Ted has discovered many delicious low carb recipes and has a much healthier outlook on life.

“I’ve lost 12kg (1st 12 lbs) and i’m now plateauing to a more natural weight. In addition to the weight loss, my blood sugar levels dropped significantly. I went from over 17 mmol/L to around 7 mmol/L. My blood pressure has went down too.”

“The Low Carb Program made it much easier to adopt the low carb lifestyle. Everything was laid out simply, I just needed the initiative to utilise the wealth of knowledge they have on offer.”

Ted is one of our Low Carb Champions, you can join Ted on the Low Carb Program here.