The Low Carb Program helped Marie Nimmo gain control over her blood sugars

When Marie Nimmo started feeling ill she thought she was going through the early menopause. Realising it was instead her diabetes she knew that something had to change.

“I was determined to try different things to make myself feel better. I looked on and found the Low Carb Program, I read for hours and got loads of advice. I decided to begin my low carb lifestyle.”

Marie was told by her GP and dietician to eat a high fibre diet and cut out the sugar, meaning she could still eat brown bread, pasta and fruit.

“It just didn’t help, it didn’t make it any better. My GP recommended me to go on as she said I’d get the most information there. The DCUK Forum had provided loads of information re lower carb eating.”

Since going low carb Marie has gained control over her blood sugar levels and she’s also lost over 12kg (2st).

You can join Marie on the Low Carb Program here.