The Low Carb Program helped Sarah Boud manage her type 1 diabetes

When Sarah Boud was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, it was recommended that she ate a high carb diet. Over the years she struggled to manage her diabetes and experienced lipoatrophy in her injection sites.

“I had been advised to go on the pump. I wasn’t keen for lots of reasons – having something attached to me all of the time, what if it went wrong or my children knocked it out?”

It was Sarah’s diabetic nurse that recommended she try out the Low Carb Program.

“I found it strange because we’ve always been advised to eat regularly eat carbs with meals, so whenever I went to a restaurant I would have to order something with carbs or bread on the side.”

Sarah started making own low carb meals using spiralised vegetables as a substitute for pasta. She even started documenting her low carb journey on her blog. In 6 months, she’d managed to lose an incredible 19kg (3st).

“Everyone says ‘oh my goodness you look amazing’ and that in itself has made me feel so wonderful. I can shop in places that I could never go in before”

Sarah is supported by her husband who has also seen a difference from going low carb. You can join Sarah on the Low Carb Program here.