Tina Thorpe lost 20kg (3st 2 lbs) going low carb

After repeated visits to the GP for tiredness and high blood pressure, Tina Thorpe knew that her high sugar diet was putting her at risk of type 2 diabetes.

“I was so scared of having diabetes that I carried out some research and discovered the Low Carb Program. Although I was a nurse and health-trained professional, I didn’t know anything about the benefits of reducing carbohydrates.”

Tina ditched the mashed potato for cauliflower mash and began to experiment with her own low carb cooking.

“I also enjoy making my own pizza base of cream cheese, eggs and Cheddar or other hard cheeses. I really enjoy, baking so I’d like to learn how to do so without any sugar or sweetener.”

Through making these changes, Tina has lost more than 20kg (3st 2 lbs) and both her HbA1c and average blood glucose levels have significantly improved.

“It’s also elevated my mood, reduced fatigue, and I no longer feel so hungry!”

If like Tina you’re looking to reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, you can join the Low Carb Program here.