Your low carb lunch swaps

When first transitioning to a low carb lifestyle, lunchtime can seem like a sorrow affair. Getting rid of bread, wraps, and buns may sound like some obscure form of torture, but it doesn’t have to be. The Low Carb Program has a variety of ingenious low carb workarounds for all of your favourite lunches.

A regular ham sandwich consisting of two pieces of bread, 5g of margarine, some lettuce and a few tomatoes can contain upwards of 29g of carbs.

Cloud Bread Bacon & Egg Sarnie

For a low carb take on a British classic, the Cloud Bread Bacon & Egg Sarnie will allow you that special moment on the lips without a lifetime on the hips.

Carbs: 9g (20g less than a ham sandwich)

Low Carb Cheese Bomb Beef Burgers

Although the staple flour burger buns aren’t low carb, burger ingredients like minced beef, cheese, lettuce and egg are great for a low carb diet. All that needs modifying is the bun. Easy-peasy and they’re cheesy.

Carbs: 3g (26g less than a ham sandwich)

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