Zein lost 19kg (3st) in just 6 months

After Zein’s type 1 diagnosis in 1992 she struggled to maintain good blood glucose control, she gradually put on weight and was starting to develop complications. The turning point came when she was on holiday in 2012.

“I was feeling a bit low and thinking ‘how did my diabetes control get so bad?’, I was roughly 25kg (4st) overweight and wasn’t really getting much exercise. It was then that I had a lightbulb moment, I thought to myself ‘what types of foods require insulin?’ – It was the carbohydrates, these were all being broken down into glucose. So, what did I need to do? I needed to cut out the bread, pasta and rice.”

After cutting the carbs, Zein lost an impressive 19kg (3st) in just six months and had halved the number of units of insulin she used. She also completely came off all her pain medication for neuropathy.

“Listen to your body, do your own research and give it a go. Eat fresh, nutritious foods and stay away from refined, processed foods. Add in some exercise for health and if you’re hungry, don’t fear adding some natural fats. Give your body time to adjust and see the transformation in your health.”

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