Giv loses over 5 stone using the Low Carb Program and gains her confidence back!

Our Low Carb Champion Giv shares how at 24 years old, going low carb helped her to lose weight and gain her confidence back.

“The weight loss provided a massive boost in my confidence, my anxiety levels are lower than they have been since I was a young teenager.”

As a founding member of the Low Carb Program, Giv used the inspiration from our members to take control of her own health. “I’d seen the success that people were having in not only reversing, but preventing themselves from getting things like type 2 diabetes in the first place. I wanted to be one of those people that prevented myself from getting there in the first place.”

Using the Low Carb Program, Giv managed to lose an incredible 5 stone. Not only has Giv experienced the weight loss benefits of going low carb, but she has also noticed improvements in her anxiety and sleep. Having suffered with insomnia, she used to take prescription medication, but nothing helped. Since going low carb and implementing intermittent fasting, Giv hasn’t had to see her doctor in five years.

Giv stays motivated by seeing the success other members have on the program and looking back on old photos. If you are thinking of getting started, Giv recommends reaching out to the community. “You’d be surprised how many genius tips they have, coping methods and all sorts of things that you have just never thought of.”

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