‘I feel like I have my freedom back and am in control of my life for the first time in years’

Paul has reduced his HbA1c from 56 mmol/mol down to 42mmol/mol. ‘It is never ever too late to start and you can never be 100% but if you stay engaged and accountable, then you will see benefits no matter how small they are’.

Paul’s doctor referred him onto the Low Carb Program, little did he know this could be the start of something new and regaining control of his life again. Paul has a new found energy, he was often tired in the afternoon and needed a sleep which he doesn’t need at all now! He is also much more alert and engaged with whatever activity he is doing. Paul’s noticed an improvement in his mood and mental agility to the point that he is much more interactive with his family.

His HbA1c has reduced from 56 to 42mmol/mol in 12 weeks which is a huge clinical improvement. Paul feels much happier and fitter and no longer feels depressed at the longer-term prospects of getting older with type 2 diabetes. His weight has decreased by 2st 8 lbs from July 2020 to Dec 2020 – and this is without starving himself! His eyesight has returned to normal and he is able to drive again.

The biggest thing Paul says is to be accountable for goals and targets! He says to listen to the weekly guidance and to take time out of your everyday life, to manage this as your first and foremost focus in life.  ‘Don’t do it half arsed. Get help from the mentors – they are trained in being positive and this is a huge bonus!’

Feeling inspired reading Paul’s story? See if you can become the next success story for 2021 and join the Low Carb Program today.