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Clare Bethell lost 4kg (8 lbs) in only 3 weeks

Published on 9th Jun, 2022

Clare Bethell was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes eight years ago. For the first year, she tried to manage her diabetes just through diet but struggled to gain control of her blood sugar levels, so her doctor prescribed her metformin.

She had previously volunteered for the ‘reverse your diabetes’ program at Newcastle University but more recently found the Low Carb Program through the Diabetes.co.uk website.

“I track my progress on the weight and blood sugar graphs. I used to keep a record but seeing it on a graph shows me rate of progress more quickly.”

Clare started eating nuts as snacks which helped to curb her sweet tooth and enjoys a breakfast of full fat Greek yoghurt with berries and seeds. In only 3 weeks she managed to lose a fantastic 4kg (8 lbs).

She has also found that her energy levels are more stable, no longer falling asleep on the sofa in the evenings. Clare is now motivated to reduce her HbA1c through sticking to her new low carb lifestyle.

“I will stick to the Low Carb Program indefinitely. For me sweet things are addictive and avoiding them are hard. I’ve resisted going back onto medication.”