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Peter Thompson reduced his HbA1c from (9.2%) to 33 (5.2%)

Published on 8th Jun, 2022

Peter Thompson was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in September 2015. Wanting to come off his medication, he started looking for other ways to manage his diabetes.

“After a little research I understood carbs turned to glucose; I then came across the Low Carb Program. I only wish I’d known all of this information years ago! It seems like common sense to me, now.”

Peter had tried dieting previously but found that he quickly regained the weight he lost.

“I always thought of these diets as temporary, now I see ‘low-carb’ as a fundamental lifestyle change and will continue to eat in this way.”

After 6 months, Peter’s HbA1c reduced from 77 mmol/mol (9.2%) to 33 (5.2%). He’s also lost 22kg (3 ½ st) since switching to low carb.