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Through the Low Carb Program Kate Matthews has lost 19kg (3st) and has come off metformin.

Published on 6th Jun, 2022

When Kate Matthews was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes she was going to have to wait for three weeks to see a doctor. Instead, she decided to look online and that’s when she discovered Diabetes.co.uk and from there the Low Carb Program.

“It came as a shock learning about the carb content of certain foods - how many carbs were in rice, for example, and you don’t generally have a small portion, so it can easily add up.”

To satisfy her sweet tooth, Kate started to experiment with low carb baking and started making her own cakes and biscuits using ground almonds instead of flour.

“My daughter-in-law also does low carb cooking, as both me and her stepfather had diabetes (we’re now both in remission thanks to low carbing), she likes to make me low carb meals when I visit her.”

Through the Low Carb Program Kate has lost 19kg (3st) and has come off metformin.

"Get support, I was lucky that my family were very supportive but make use of online forums or even the discussion board on the Program. Try and find like-minded people who have gone through, or are going through, a similar experience - you are not alone! Good luck."